Crikey! Australia Extends International Flight Bans

Crikey! Australia Extends International Flight Bans


When will the coronavirus travel ban be lifted? When will we be allowed to work and holiday overseas? "Crikey!" an Australian was heard to have said. Many people are chomping at the bit to know when international flights will be open again, for a variety of reasons. So what is exactly is going on, today we share the latest schools of thought on when Aussies are likely to be boarding an international bound plane again.

Here’s what we’re hearing when it comes to international travel. The restrictions on international trips were set to expire on June 17, however, the health department confirmed it had been stretched, likely to September. The infamous Travel Bubbles could be given the go-ahead if deemed safe including the expected proposal with New Zealand. Interestingly, the ban will allow some travellers to cash-in on insurance payments which require the government ban to be in place.

International Travel: Arriving in Australia 
Australia’s borders are currently closed for the foreseeable future. This means that only Australian citizens, residents and immediate family members (spouses, de facto partners, dependent children, legal guardians) can travel to Australia. Citizens of New Zealand who reside in Australia may also re-enter the country. 

Travellers who have compassionate or compelling reasons to enter Australia may apply for an exemption. On returning to Australia, travellers will need to be quarantined for 14 days, and more vigorous health screening on arrival may also apply. 

International Travel: Departing from Australia
Since March 25, all overseas travel by Australian citizens and permanent residents has been banned. 
Australian citizens and permanent residents who wish to depart from Australia will need to apply for an exemption to do so. 

The limited exceptions to the travel bans in place include: 
  • Your travel is of national interest
  • Your travel is on compassionate or humanitarian grounds
  • Your travel is related to unavoidable/urgent personal business
  • Your travel is due to a need to access medical care that is not available in Australia 
  • Your travel is for essential/critical industries and/or businesses
  • Your travel is part of the COVID-19 response, including the provision of aid. 

Those who need to depart from Australia for the above reasons may apply for a travel exemption here.

Finally, international visitors have been encouraged to leave the country, with the knowledge that they may be able to re-enter Australia in the future if certain entry conditions allow them to do so. 

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